An impression of the nursery
and the air pot U-system
Part of our planting material is grown in the gutter system. A perfect root system is created here by means of ‘air pruning’ . 
The trees are planted in spring to create an extra strong root system for species that do not do this naturally in the soil, such as Tetradium, Albizia, Ostrya, etc. These are planted in the open ground at the end of September / beginning of October, so that they take root before winter and thus have a good start in spring.

L. Akkermans Boomkwekerijen is a family business that has been located in Maashees since the 1920s. The 3rd generation now grows a wide range of ornamental trees for the commercial market in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our tree nursery currently consists of about 80 acres. The trees are cultivated on fertile, sandy soil on the banks of the river Maas. The clientele consists of tree nursers that pot our trees, after which they find their way to garden centers and landscaping companies, but also to traders and tree growers. They grow our plants further to heavier sizes for the institutional market.

Our trees

We offer an extensive range of, e.g., sphere shaped trees on stem, and a wide range of trees such as Carya, Catalpa, Cercidiphyllum, Cornus, Ginkgo, Gleditsia, Halesia, Ilex, Juglans, Koelreuteria, Liquidambar, Magnolia, Parrotia, Quercus and Styrax. Most varieties are delivered in the sizes 8-10-12-14 cm and only in first quality. We also provide pleached trees and topiary parasols in various shapes and sizes.


At L. Akkermans Boomkwekerijen, we consider sustainable business operations very important and we implement this in several ways. We have, for example, switched to biodiesel, produced from green waste, and our aerial platforms run entirely on solar energy. Furthermore do we use biodegradable binding tube and Maxtape.

In addition, have we been controlling weeds mostly mechanically since 2019, in order to further reduce our use of pesticides. This is possible for us thanks to the new innovations from DvO Engineering, including the Belhomme machine and his own new hoeing machine with probes.

This way, we carry out our beautiful green profession, in a ‘green’, responsible way.

We do not do private sales.